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Zentai is a tight-fitting catsuit made of stretchy lycra (spandex) fabric that covers the entire body, also the face. A suit that doesn't cover the head is called a Catsuit. Zentai comes most likely from japanese word Zenshin Taitsu, that means "full-body tights".

Q: Why would anyone want to wear one?

A: As we people are different, we also like zentai for different reasons, some sexual, some sensual, some "artistic". Here are some:
  • The feeling of being totally enclosed and separated from the rest of the world. A slight claustrophobic feeling that can be by some experienced as very pleasant.
  • Heightened awareness of your own body as the compression of the fabric "massages" you from every part at the same time.
  • Smoothness. Feeling smooth and slippery all over your body is interesting and feels sexy.
  • Anonymity/masking/transformation. Sense of becoming someone or something else. Zentai will make you able to show all curves of your body but still remaining anonymous. Many enjoy the new "simplified" self when wearing zentai: no blemishes, bodyhair etc.
  • D/s aspect. Many zentai wearers describe wearing zentai to cause a "submissive" overall feeling, some feel strong and dominant. Many enjoy different forms of bondage while wearing zentai.
  • Visual & artistic effect. Zentai makes a great costume base for performance art, dance acts, masquerades and carnivals.
  • Pyjamas. Many people feel the hood too distracting or exciting for sleeping, but those who have managed to sleep in zentai say they sleep better in zentai than without.
  • Some people with autism-related sensory issues may find the sensory effect of zentai calming.