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A regular wall in the privacy of your home can be rather versatile for playtime, whether with a partner or on your own.

Pagan Kinktress says:

A nice, sturdy wall can be utilized as a support for a hot, raw session of "stand-up sex". Remember the scene in the movie "Basic Instinct" where Michael Douglas literally attacks Jeanne Tripplehorn and throws her against the wall, before bending her over the chair taking her from behind?

Basic Instinct Movie Scene:

Ok, so the characters didn't really *do it* up against the wall, but they sure got things started there....perhaps I'll need to start a list of amazing sex-against-the-wall movie scenes...

Imagine how erotic and vulnerable it would feel like to be pressed against a wall with your back toward your partner as she or he toys with your body from behind. That's one major advantage of using walls in sexual escapades with another person. Your partner can spank you, use toys on you and make you guess what is being put into you, onto you, etc. It gives the dominant partner a distinct sense of control over your body while essentially you remain helpless and yet highly sensitive to every touch, every breath, sound and sensation to your skin. As your knees become increasingly weaker, you are silently grateful for the wall before you to hang on to....

Walls can be kinkified in other ways too. A favorite activity to play with a submissive pet is "mount the wall". You'll need one of those dildos that come with a suction-base for ease of attaching to a wall. Once the toy is secured to the wall, it’s time to play nasty. You can get down on your knees and fellate the dildo or, lube the toy and yourself, put your back to the wall, bend accordingly and gently ease yourself into it. For the finale (depending on how much of a naughty sub you are), you might want to consider jerking off to completion by moving off of the dildo and aiming your ejaculate onto it. Think of it as your own personal wall mural. Then be sure to lick the toy clean and any areas on the wall that might have inadvertently gotten splashed. This is a nice option for the males who enjoy anal and/or humiliation play but might not have a strap-on partner at the moment.