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Virginity Restoration

In women, the surgical act of of restoring the hymen.

Historical Background

Also a practice common in Victorian England: "To produce convincing bleeding, all that was needed was insert in the vagina a scrap of sponge soaked in blood that was released by pressure during intercourse; a small fish bladder produced a more dramatic effect but was probably more difficult to hand when it was placed in position. Either method, however, was infinitely superiour to two of the other ideas sometimes suggested- blood sucking leeches and fragments of broken glass. Contracting the vaginal opening was less easy. Stichery might sometimes have to be resorted to, but more often a powerful astringent was used; the steam from vinegar, myrrh water, and an infusing of acorns or sloes where the chief recommendations. In some brothels, professional virgins were patched up several times a week." REF: Tannahill 373-374.