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also known as PVC, Poly Vinal Chloride

With contributions by rbtheservant. - Thanks!

Vinyl or PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is a close cousin to Latex and Leather.  Often used for S&M, B&D, attire, PVC clothing excites the same senses as Latex.  PVC, perhaps not as close fitting as its rubber cousin, still highlights the curves and folds of the form it is clinging to and entices the observer to see what they are missing.  People are drawn to the visual, texture, and smell of the material, and the wearer is often stimulated by the caressing properties of the stretch varieties.  Often another turn on for the wearer is that it gives a feeling of power as in the case of Dom / Sub culture, as the Dom feels empowered having the mezmerized gaze of the sub affixed on their physique. 

PVC can be used to entice without exposure much like latex, in that it leaves little to the imagination in way of seeing nuiances of form, yet reveals nothing.  Almost driving desire to the ultimate plateau.