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Verbal Humiliation

also known as Humiliation, Verbal

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To humiliate or embarrass someone with words and taunts.

Example:  "How do you expect to fuck me with that?. I'll have to find a real man."

Verbal humiliation often takes the form of insults against one's physical state (fat, skinny, bald, hairy, etc.), one's financial state (broke, poor, etc.), one's mental state (dumbass, moron, stupid, etc.), one's sexual experience and prowess (small dick, tiny tits, virgin, wanker, fist-humper, etc.), one's usefulness to society (useless, worthless, loser, etc.), and even one's status as a human (pig, dog, puppy, etc.).

Insults are most often delivered in a tone of spite, anger, or hatred, though some people prefer a gentler tone that gives the impression that the insulter is actually being kind by letting the insulted know what is wrong with them.

Insults are often delivered with a command for the submissive to repeat or confirm the insults so as to increase their effectiveness.

Verbal humiliation is most potent when delivered by an individual who seems to have it all: money, power, beauty, strength, and intelligence, to lessen the chances of the submissive finding a flaw in the dominant to exploit.  For instance, it is far less effective for a dominant to call a submissive a dumbass if the submissive can say, or think, that the dominant dropped out of highschool.  If the dominant is less impressive than the submissive in the area that the dominant is attempting to humiliate, then the verbal humiliation is unlikely to be effective.

When this type of play is sought by individuals with deep insecurities, the insults can make those insecurities worse.  Verbal humiliation should never be used as a substitution for psychiatric help in the belief that to have your insecurities brought out will make them less potent.