This image is DJ and Nikka from Michael Rosen's book Vanilla Sex.  You can get a free download of the entire PDF book at Select "Vanilla Sex" under GALLERIES in the left column, then click on "downloadable PDF" on the Vanilla Sex page, and then click "Download" on the download page if you agree to the licensing terms. - Image by Michael Rosen
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Vanilla Sex

Michael Rosen has published his latest book of amazing photography as a downloadable PDF.  The images are incredible!   Get this from his website:

Michael Rosen Says

For me, “vanilla” means the spectrum of our community’s sexuality; what we normally do. So, some photographs are of acts generally considered normal and standard (missionary position sex, for example), while others are of acts considered normal and standard only within the radical sex community.

The 53 photographs are soft and romantic images of explicit sex that challenge the banality of pornography.