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Vacuum Bed

With contributions by Atma. - Thanks!

A Vacuum Bed, or "Sucky Bed", is a fetishistic bondage device.

Basically, it is a pair of latex or pvc sheets sandwiched together by a metal frame. An occupant climbs inside, and air is vacuumed out through little holes drilled into the inner part of the frame, pulling the latex or pvc tightly around the person. The process is very similar to plastic vacuum moulding techniques used to package various types of products you can find on store shelves, such as electronics. There is a breathing tube or hole that the occupant positions their face under before the vacuuming process.

The vacuum bed can be used in many bondage scenarios. The sub is basically incapable of movement, leaving them completely vulnerable to anything the top may do. Touch transfers rather well through latex, making it easy to tease the sub's skin through it via caresses, vibrators, or even ice.

Aside from providing one of the most unique bondage experiences, being snugly encased in the soft and smooth latex or pvc can be an intensely pleasurable experience.

Unfortunately, this device can be very expensive. It can cost anywhere from 300 to 800 dollars U.S. Worse still, is that most of this cost comes from the latex or pvc; improvisation of the frame will not save you much money.