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Some use the word stockings to refer to any type of nylons or pantyhose, but usually stockings refer to thigh high leg garmets which are either elasticized at the top or held on by garters. Stockings can cause great arousal for both men and women due to either an enjoyment of the feeling of the thin, sensual fabrics stockings are made of or a fascination with the appearance of stockings.

Common stocking play

Includes stimulation of the body, especially the genitals, with stockings, the wearing of stockings by either gender for the feeling of the fabric, the feeling of containment, or the appearance of the stockings, and stocking encasement, in which a person is partially or fully covered with stockings for the feeling of the materials over the entire body, the light bondage aspects, the sensory deprivation provided, or the enjoyment of other individuals of the appearance of the encased.