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STD Testing

Do NOT let personal embarrassment or lack of a personal physician keep you from getting tested.  (Note:  if you are trying to find more information about any STD, check out  It’s a great resource.)

FYI: In the United States, most cities have a Health Department office which offers FREE STI/STD testing and treatment.  If you think you have something, do not let a lack of finances keep you from getting tested.  There are a number of STDs that have symptoms which only appear for a limited amount of time.  Afterwards, the symptoms go away, but the STD is still there.  You can still infect your partners and the consequences later can be lethal or very hard.  Planned Parenthood also does testing, and in many cases will be able to offer a sliding scale if you are low-income.

There are a number of places online that will do tests for you. You pay for the test, they send you a kit to collect a specimen. You do the collection and overnight it back and you are given the results confidentially.

If you are female between 12 and 25 in Los Angeles County, you can get a free kit to test for gonorrhea or chlamydia will send out free chlamydia kits to residents of Alaska, Denver, CO, Maryland, West Virginia, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, D.C and certain counties in Illinois as part of a research study on online testing. has a test for HIV, syphillis, hepatitis B/C, gonorrhea and/or chlamydia Tests for herpes, gonorrhea and/or chlamydia. Tests for herpes, gonorrhea or chlamydia Offers HIV and Hepatitis as well as other tests that can be done at home.  Type in HIV or Hepatitis.  (Note- something fascinating.  Type in TEST in the line and you’ll find Pregnancy Tests, Colorectal Disease Tests (which are fabulous if you think you feel a lump there),  Home Drug Tests, UTI testing and more.  Utterly brilliant!)