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Generally speaking, the act of slapping the butt with a hand or paddle.


Giving spankings...this is such a delicious way to play with and/or punish a submissive. Whether he is sprawled out on all fours, bent over a table, or stretched over my lap, the sight of that delectable, pristine ass before me awaiting to be graced by the personal slap of my hand fills me with insane desire. What a delightful rush when a sub willingly bends over to be spanked!

Spanking for some can be done erotically; perhaps it might even constitute foreplay for those who like to mix things up more roughly. Spanking activity is also a common form of punishment for D/s participants and there are a variety of ways to implement the spanking. Some dominants like to methodically strike their plaything's ass with a crop or a cane, others prefer paddles, hairbrushes, floggers, household items such as wooden spoons or spatulas, and then there is always the sheer eroticism and intimacy invoked when spanking with bare hands.

milovana challenge

This spanking exercise has been designed for those naughty subs who are playing alone. Through this assignment, you will be practicing the art of obedience through speech restriction and exploring how spanking as punishment affects you. There is a slight element of public humiliation involved; however as always, use your own best judgment and do not put yourself into any predicament where you might endanger your own well-being.

You will need:

  • A portable wooden object to be used for spanking (e.g. wooden spoon, ruler)
  • A private area where you can self-administer your spankings
  • A half a day to work through this assignment

Ideally, you will complete this exercise through the course of a day when you are out and about (while at work, out and about on errands, etc.). From the time you get up in the morning until twelve hours have elapsed, you are no longer to refer to yourself in the first person. This includes using the words "I," "me," "mine" or "my." If at any time throughout these twelve hours you catch yourself speaking or writing the forbidden words, you must retreat to a bathroom or private place, pull down your pants/underpants, and using your wooden object, spank your ass, thighs, legs ten times per cheek/side. When at home at the end of the day, pull down your pants and underpants to your ankles and lean over a low chair, couch or appropriate piece of furniture. Take your spanking tool and administer 25 swats to each ass cheek. Think about what it means to be an obedient submissive and how it feels to expose your naked behind like this. When you have completed the spankings, reflect on how spanking as punishment works or doesn't work for you, perhaps writing down your thoughts in a journal.


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