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Soggy Biscuit

also known as Limp Biscuit, Ookie Cookie

With contributions by Anonymous. - Thanks!


While most of the really nasty STDS actually require your mouth and other bits to make contact with the skin and mucus membranes of your partners, it's not a good idea to swallow the sperm of someone who has AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc. The virus won't survive your stomach acid, but any cuts in your mouth or gums could mean transmission.

As you might imagine, this started in Australia. Take one biscuit (cookie in the United States). Take a group of (generally) young men/boys. All participants masturbate until orgasm which each one does on on the biscuit/cookie. Last person to ejaculate eats the cookie completely with all it's contents.

Alison's Note

When I got this contribution in my mailbox, I swore they were making this shit up. But no, it's really a thing.

Interesting sites

  • The Frat Beat Website offers a comparison of which cracker holds up to this activity best here:   It bears mentioning that on this site the "Soggy Biscuit Showdown" is under a header which reads: "All Greek. No Freaks."  I don't think I have to type anything else after that one.