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Society for Human Sexuality


In March 1995, Society for Human Sexuality (SHS) was founded as a registered student organization at University of Washington. From that time until its key organizers graduated in Fall 1998, as a student organization SHS hosted a wide variety of events both on and off campus, and in parallel began its work to improve the quality and scope of the peer sex education material available on the internet.

Although SHS unfortunately did not continue to exist as a UW student organization following the graduation of the students who founded it, there was nevertheless a strong sentiment amongst those individuals that this kind of work should somehow continue. So, Society for Human Sexuality (now technically "Society for Human Sexuality, LLC", which is what the terms "Society for Human Sexuality" and/or "SHS" should now be taken to mean) was founded in late 1998 as an off-campus entity completely separate from the UW.

Society for Human Sexuality, as a fully off-campus entity, registered the domain name and began to build and maintain that web site.