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The shaping, shaving and general machinations of body hair has been the bane of men and women since we were able to use fire to burn bits off...

Milovanian Thoughts

Shaving of pubic hair is very common nowadays but in the past was comparatively rare, although of course many women trimmed it so none would show if they wore a bathing suit.  It was very unusual for men to shave, although less so amongst the gay community.  Probably the proliferation of porn in recent years made it more popular and more people tried it and liked it.  Not only does it look more sexy, especially for women because it exposes her cunt but it feels nicer for many people also, with no hair to get in the way and a sensation of nakedness.  For oral sex it is better too, as there is nothing more annoying than getting a hair in your mouth.

Anyone new to shaving should be careful to do it correctly, as the genital area is quite delicate and it is easy to get razor bumps or a rash if you shave incorrectly.  There are many ways of removing hair and it is easy to find information on the internet about the correct way to shave.  Probably the most important things are to use a sharp razor (preferably double or triple edged), a good shaving cream and always shave in the direction the hair grows, not against it.  Do not try to shave too close at first, and use baby oil or some kind of soothing lotion after.  If you are male, be very careful when shaving the scrotum as the blood vessels in that area are close to the surface and if you get even a small cut it will bleed a lot.

From Shaver7: I have been shaving for 15 years and I use Veet a depilatory cream and in particular Veet Sensitive in the blue package. Apply and leave for 5 minutes. I apply to the pubic area first and then my balls and leave for 5 mins from when I finish applying. I then make a point of removing from the balls first and the pubic area last. It leaves me feeling nice and soft and smooth and I never need after shave lotions etc. I love the look and feel of being shaved.