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Sex Addiction

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A condition characterized by excessive preoccupation with sex that creates a compulsive search for a sexual stimulation, the compulsion to have sex no matter the cost or risk, and a feeling of utter hopelessness and an inability to control one's own compulsions.

Thoughts on Sex Addiction

Some people just like sex in whatever form it takes for them and at whatever frequency because it feels good. That alone is not an indicator of Sex Addiction.   Having Lots of Sex does not make you a Sex Addict even if it is kinky sex.  Just know being treated for Sex Addiction does not mean never having sex again even kinky sex.

We all have aspects of our life we do not want to face some worse the others.  Some people are unwilling or incapable of dealing with these overwhelming feelings associated with past or ongoing negative experiences will turn to Sex just like some turn to food, booze or drugs to distract themselves.

Sex Addiction is the repetitive and ever increasing need to use sex in whatever form floats your boat in the attempt to escape aspects of your life, emotions, and or past experiences that you are unequipped or unwilling to face.  When your sexual activities becomes more important to you then your responsibility to properly care for yourself and or your family your sexual activities begin to take on the hallmarks of Sex Addiction.

Things to look for:

  • If over time you need to continually raise the stakes by switching activities, increasing risk, increasing in frequency to attain a sufficient level of distracting pleasure "High".
  • If these activities are criminal, interfere with your everyday life, your occupation, your health, or your family then you should consider speaking to someone safe like a therapist, doctor, or your lawyer. Note:  Anyone you approach on this matter should keep to their established professional standards of their respective occupations.  None on the list should try to get sexually touchy feelly with you and want to have sex with you TO HELP YOU.


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