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The transfer of bodily fluids in such a manner is very dangerous. It can spread STI's and flicking sexual fluids on someone without their consent could potentially land you in jail..

1. A prank where somebody flicks semen from their hand onto an unwilling recipient usually accompanied by the screaming of the word "Seagull!"

2. The act of ejaculating out of a window. Especially from a great height or from a moving vehicle.

Alison's Note

When this arrived in my inbox, this is another one of those things I just didn't believe. But no, it's real. It is also very uncool. To do anything to an unwilling participant is to commit assault. And it's just icky. Even for those of us who like to swallow, it's icky and immature. Being icky and immature will keep you from getting laid. Trust me on this one.