This is TJ and the Boys from Michael Rosen's book Lust and Romance available at Amazon. - Image by Michael Rosen
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Rosen, Michael

also known as Michael Rosen | A amazing pioneer in sexual photography. 

 "What I try to do is sexual art,  My photographs are intended to arouse sexual feelings, open possibilities, challenge your view of life -- and to look good."--Michael Rosen.

From his Site

I've been doing sexual photography in San Francisco since 1977. My photos have encompassed a wide range of styles: stark and grainy nude landscapes; impressionistic, gritty, cinema verité images of S/M sex scenes; sharply focused, elegantly composed, studio sexual portraits involving S/M, erotic piercings, gender play and what I call non-standard penetration. The latest work comprises soft and romantic images of explicit sex that challenge the concept of pornography.

I've self-published three high quality fine art printed books of my work: "Sexual Magic: the S/M Photographs" in 1986, "Sexual Portraits: Photographs of Radical Sexuality" in 1990, and "Sexual Art: Photographs That Test the Limits" in 1994. These books have sold more than 10,000 copies. "Lust & Romance: Rated X Fine Art Photographs", was published by Last Gasp of San Francisco in October, 1998. I published my latest, Vanilla Sex: Explicit Fine Art Photographs, in 2007 as a free downloadable PDF document.

In 1997, I was a recipient of a Venus Award. I've had numerous solo and group shows and my photographs have been showcased in many magazines.

I photograph real people, not models, and am always looking for individuals, couples or groups — of all genders, races, ages and persuasions — who want to share their sexual energy — from the vanilla-ish to the outrageous — with my camera.

Alison's Note

I love Michael Rosen's work!  If you haven't seen his website, than you MUST go there.  It's not just that he has real people in incredibly sexy situations (which he does).  It's not just that his photographs honestly reflect the best of human sexuality (which it does).  Michael Rosen's photographs inspire those who see them to be the best sexual beings they can be.