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Generally the safeword for STOP.

Symbolic meaning of red

  • The color "red" is also often used as a symbol for erotic attractivity or danger (which seems to fit together very well). Especially men are mostly aroused by women wearing red clothes or red make-up (e.g. lipstick).
  • There are many examples in culture which shows this symbolic connotation of "red". For example is the fruit which is given to Adam by Eve in the biblical creation myth mostly painted red in art-works.
  • Examples in popular culture are the "woman with the red dress" in "Matrix" or a very poetical song text by the German 80ies Electropunkband "DAF" ("Deutsch-Amerikanische Freunschaft"="German-American Friendship"), "Rote Lippen" ("Red Lips"):

"Dein Kleid ist so rot.
 Deine Lippen sind so rot, mein Schatz.
 Die ganze Welt ist rot für mich.

Ich sehe deinen Mund, mein Schatz.
Dein Kleid ist so rot.
Ich liebe deinen Mund, mein Schatz.

Die ganze Welt ist rot für mich."


"Your dress is that red.
Your lips are that red, my darling.
The whole world is red for me.

I see your mouth, my darling.
Your dress is that red.
I love your mouth, my darling.

The whole world is red for me."