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Public Humiliation

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What is public?  What is humiliating...

This one of those things that everyone really has to work out between themselves in advance...

You also have to be VERY careful.  Much public play is inappropriate because it's entirely possible that a bystander (someone who hasn't consented in advance) may be subjected to something which makes them uncomfortable... which is wrong...

Milovana Thoughts on Public Humiliation

For those involved in a power-exchange relationship, public humiliation can come in many different forms as well as many different levels.

The most subtle level often involves a form of hidden humiliation that keeps the submissive on edge. For male submissives, this can involve hidden [[gender play]] by having the guy wear articles of clothing hidden from view. Stockings, panties, and a bra hidden under normal clothes work well. Things that can also be hidden under clothes discreetly, such as cock and ball rings, a shaved pubic region, lack of underwear or panties, body writing, can all often make the submissive feel self-conscious of their status while they're around others in public.

The next level involves a more indirect interaction with the public world. A submissive may be asked to act and address his or her dominant in such a way that hints to their relationship. A lack of eye contact, following the dominant one step behind, having them order for you, can all be seen to the submissive as cues to the world about his or her position.

Finally, there is direct interaction. Such things must also be planned so as to not force another person to do something that is uncomfortable to them, or involve others that would not want or certainly shouldn't be involved. A submissive male may be told to purchase panties or other feminine products from a store, and to bring it to the next level, ask a nice girl how to know if the the panties would fit a guy. A submissive female might be told to gointo public with a skirt and no panties, and to take it to the next level by getting herself fitted for shoes by a guy

It is most important to remember that the utmost care must be taken when involving others in any form of public humiliation. The perfect situation is one in which the submissive feels exposed while at the same time the public person involved isn't aware of the entire situation itself.