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Professional Explorations

To pay someone for a sexual experience.  If you are seeking a professional in the World's Oldest Profession- there are a number of places to help you look for people whom you can pay to help you explore sex either by Phone, in Person, or by Email. From Nite Flirt to The Erotic Review, you have a lot of choices.

things to consider

Before you begin this type of exploration, set yourself some limits and STAY in those limits! If you read on the "Hobbyist" boards, you realize that once most men (and yes, this is something being written for the men), get a taste of being sexually satisfied; it can be a rush much like a drug.

Set limits on your budget. There's nothing wrong with spending $250 for an amazing hour once a week or once a month if you make more than $80,000 a year. But if you have less in personal resources and more in personal responsibility, you CANNOT spend $1000 or more a week on sex. It's not good for you, and it's not fair to those who are counting on you.

Set limits on fluid contact. I know, bareback (sex or fellatio without a condom) feels better. But if you are in the company of someone who does this for a living, you are putting your cock where many others have put their cocks before you. If you have a partner at home, don't risk it. Determine where your comfort zone lies and stay there.

Set limits on time. It's not just about the money, although Nite Flirt costs generally between $3 - 5 a minute- which is $180-$300 per HOUR, and most "cam shows" run $50 for 20 minutes. This is about time. If you have "miles to go before you sleep" and things you have to do, than you don't have the time to spend two hours on the phone or web cam every night. Make certain you meet your obligations first.