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Of course, there is a slight risk of pain and extremely limited hair loss (a few hairs at most) when the hair is placed in or taken out of pigtails; This risk increases the more often and forcefully the pigtails are played with or pulled on.

Exceptional care and consideration must be taken for anyone whose hair is tugged or pulled, being as the scalp can be quite sensitive and a slight pull on an individual's hair can cause a large amount of pain.

A hairstyle in which a ponytail (section of hair pulled into a tube shape and fastened in place with a scrunchy or rubber band) is placed on either side of the head, so that the head is framed with a ponytail above the right ear and one above the left.

Pigtails can be also be placed at several slight angles towards the back of the head or the top of the head and do not necessarily have to be sticking straight out of the left and right sides of the head.

This is often done to give a more youthful look or feminine look, being as pigtails are most often seen being worn by young girls, and can be worn for various effects by all genders.

Pigtails are also frequently braided.

Pigtails have limited use in various sexual acts, often being worn simply to increase the arousal of the pigtailed individual's partner or to aid in a particular kind of fantasy (teen student and teacher, for instance, or bad boy becomes sweet sissy girl).  Pigtails are known crudely in popular culture as "handlebars" due to the belief that they can be gripped during oral sex to help steer the action.  Pigtails can be gripped, gently tugged, tapped or batted at with a finger, or even pulled during a variety of sexual activities and forms of submissive play for the increased pleasure of one or all parties involved.