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Panty Sniffing

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The act of smelling a pair of panties for sexual stimulation or as an act of submission.

Panties are most often sniffed after being worn by an individual who the sniffer finds sexually appealing, in order to enjoy a hint of the scent of the wearer's genitals or ass, or after a sexual act is performed in the panties, in order to receive arousal or a submissive high from the scents of semen or vaginal secretions left behind in the panties.

Though panties are generally "used" (worn) prior to being sniffed, some panty fetishists and laundry fetishists can become aroused by sniffing clean, or even new, panties due to the intensity of their fetish.

Panty sniffing is often performed willingly along with masturbation or sexual activity with a partner, such as receiving a handjob, blowjob, or pantyjob while enjoying the scent of a pair of panties, or can be forced as part of domination play, such as a dominant holding a pair of worn panties against the mouth and nose of a submissive so as to force them to smell the panties, and can be enjoyed by men and women alike.  In fact, some women enjoy sniffing their own panties either in order to smell their own juices and arousal or those of a partner left behind after sexual activities, or simply because they possess a panty or laundry fetish.

Panty sniffing is most often enjoyed by panty fetishists, pussy fetishists and ass fetishists (due to the close proximity of these body parts to a pair of worn panties), women worshipers (in the belief that everything feminine should be worshiped), tansvestite/transexual/shemale fetishists (in order to smell the semen or ass of the individual to whom the panties belong), sissies (as part of a variety of different submissive fantasies), cuckolds (either given to the cuckold/cuckess prior to a sexual activity or after sex for the submissive's own sexual gratification or as a part of an act of domination, for instance: "smell the semen of my lover, cucky!"), and laundry fetishists, though panty sniffing has, to a limited extent, entered mainstream culture as a legitimate form of sexual self-gratification in the absence of a willing or readily available partner - for instance: "It's been so long since we had sex, I caught him sniffing my panties yesterday!").

Common variants on this theme, many of which involve the same underlying motivations and similar methods of play, include bra sniffing, stocking sniffing, sock sniffing, and shoe sniffing.

One must remember that panties, like any other fabric, do not allow air to pass through easily, so any play involving pressing a pair of panties against the nose and mouth must be done with care so as to avoid suffocation.
Also, one must keep in mind the possibility that particles will enter the body from the panties, either through the nose or mouth, and can present a limited risk of disease transmission.