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Panty Job

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As with all forms of dry stimulation, chaffing is likely.  Should the used panties be worn by a woman prior to laundering, for whatever reason, a slight risk of pregnancy and transmission of STDs is present.  Of course, ruined or stained panties is extremely likely.

Similar to a hand job, this act is characterized by wrapping the penis in a pair, or several pairs, of panties during stimulation.  The penis is stimulated by friction against the panties, generally, but not necessarily, until climax is reached.  Cleanup is easy when compared to a variety of other sexual acts, being as the panties can either be laundered or simply discarded. This form of sexual stimulation is especially popular among panty fetishists.


Another common form of cleanup involves making the individual who climaxed in the panties lick or suck them clean, or making a submissive to the individuals involved in the panty job clean the panties, either by licking and sucking them or simply laundering them.  This is especially popular among cuckold and feminization/sissification fetishists.  Also, some women enjoy licking their lover's cum out of their own panties.

The act of cleaning the panties with one's mouth, or not cleaning them in combination with a role-play scenario, can be so arousing that additional sexual activities are possible directly after the panty job.


In some erotica, though questionably in real life, panty jobs are occasionally combined with two different styles of blackmail fetish.  The first in which the panties are not cleaned at all after climax and the woman wears them in an effort to become pregnant and extort child support money a man she never had intercourse with; this is usually used as a plot element in erotica featuring a virginal male main character.  The second in which the panties belong to a woman, usually slightly underage or in some way subject to the power of the main character (student, employee, daughter, younger sister, etc.), who keeps the cum-filled panties and receives money or services from the man in exchange for not claiming the panties were the result of statutory rape or sexual misconduct.