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Panty Fetish

With contributions by secretstroker, MaddieFay. - Thanks!

A fetish for panties, usually women's.  This fetish can be displayed by both men and women, and often becomes so intense that the individual experiences greater arousal at the sight of panties than at the sight of what is underneath them, actually requiring the panties to stay mostly in place during intercourse.

secret stroker says

Panties..... oh how I love them... My goddess wife has taken to my fetish and occassionally leaves me a lovely scented pair in the bathroom. She knows that they will be enjoyed and has provided a bottle of Belly Rub oil for my lube. It's a standing joke when she comments that it's time for a new bottle. I am completely shaved and she now satisfies my submissive urges by sitting on my chest backwards and jerking me with several techniques. It's a stamina game as she tries to make me squirt and I try not to cum without her permission. The "go" signal is when she scoots back and allows me to kiss her sweet ass cheeks. A few whiffs of her tangy ass and womanly pussy send me into spasms.


Last night, she tossed me her used VS boy shorts and said that they were all stretched out....they were mine now... I'd better wash them good or smell like a pussy at work... Oh how I love that chick.