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Nipple Clamps

With contributions by pagankinktress. - Thanks!

Clamps which are applied to the nipples to provide additional sensation.

nipple clamps and submission

It is such a turn-on to clamp and twist a submissive's nipples. I'll even confess that this is something I rather enjoy having done to me as well. There is that pleasure/pain dichotomy involved when engaging in nipple sensation play that is more than a little addicting whether you are on the giving or receiving end.

Nipple clamps come in a variety of forms. There are alligator clamps which are basically the same thing as the "roach clips" that were all the rage in the 60's and 70's. Generally a cheaper option, the alligator clamps do tend to inflict quite a bite when applied and are often not recommended for someone just starting to experiment with nipple torture/play. The tweazer clamp is a lovely, elegant toy. These make attractive breast jewelry as well and are recommended for those who prefer their tit torture to be less intimidating.

Rubber tip forcep style clamps are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. These look a very similar to a pair of scissors with rubber grippers on the end, providing a most sensational pinch to the nipple. You can also adjust intensity by moving a locking bar at the finger holes. A wonderful option for those who like to incorporate a "clinical" feel in their playtime or enjoy medical fetish or bondage scenes.

By far, the clover clamps (also known as Japanese clamps) are typically the most recognizable style clamp. While they look a little confusing, they are quite easy to use. Clover clamps tend to feel heavier when applied and when pulled, the amount of pressure to the nipple increases accordingly. These provide for maximum tension and are best recommended for those who desire greater intensity in their playtime.

milovana challenge: A Nipple Sensation Exploration

You will need: nipple clamps (or clothespins), a spoon, a marker or pen, a way to measure time

Standing in front of a mirror naked, take your marker and write the word "pain slut" across your chest. Think about what it means to submit your body and make an offering of your physical pain. Reflect on how your pain brings pleasure to the person you are submitting to. How does that make you feel?

Apply the clamps or clothespins to each nipple. Look at your reflection again in the mirror. How does your body respond to the sensation of the clamp? Keep your nipples clamped for ten minutes. Generally, the longer you leave the clamps on, the less noticeable the pain becomes. What does your pain mean for you in this moment? Is it difficult for you to keep the clamps on for the full ten minutes. (Note: If you become truly uncomfortable, please do not worry about fulfilling the ten minutes. You should also never keep clamps on your nipples for more than 20 minutes at a time). What thoughts go through your head as you wait out the time?

Remove the clamps carefully. What happens to your pain level when the clamps come off? How do you "get through" pain? Rub your sore nipples to get the feeling back in them.

Wait five minutes, then reapply the clamps. This time, pull on them a bit. If you are using clothespins, twist them around as much as you can tolerate. What is happening to your body during this process? Are you feeling excited? Distressed?

After five minutes more, take the spoon and tap it around your nipple area, but don't touch the clamp itself with the spoon just yet. How does this feel? Do you notice vibrations around the clamped area? Does this feel pleasurable or more painful?

Finally, using the spoon, tap directly onto the clamp. Do this ten times for each nipple. Vary the degree of intensity with each smack of the spoon. How does your body feel now?

Take the clamps off. Are you relieved? Aroused? Feeling an adrenaline rush? What did you enjoy most about surrendering your pain and suffering? What was most difficult about this exploration for you? Do you think there is personal strength to be gained in one's suffering?