Image by D Marinho
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Molly's Mirror  "Molly’s Mirror is a collaborative blog that collects photography, poetry and prose reflecting beauty and sensuality in as many ways as we can think of. We will start with a small group of contributors and will draw more in as we go."

It is not always updated... but the archives have some beautiful pieces of erotic imagery, poetry and prose.   Don't just read the entries, by the way.  If you click on each entry, you can read the responses... some of which are amazing.

More about Molly

"Molly Montrevoir is the pen name of a US-based writer, educator and amateur photographer. She is deeply interested in community-building and collaboration. She is curious about beauty in all forms, and loves the way that eroticism and natural beauty intersect. This is her experiment in collaborative erotic online art." From Molly's Mirror...