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Mind Fuck

also known as Mind Games

With contributions by daquiri. - Thanks!

Sex which plays with the brain as much as the body.

BDSM Context

From Wikipedia:
"The bottom may be fooled as to the nature of the activities being taken part in; for example, the bottom may have consented to taking part in a branding, and been blindfolded throughout that part of the scene, only to discover that in reality only very cold ice cubes were used (it can be hard to distinguish cold from hot), and no branding had actually occurred."

Other examples use a denial (or over sensation) of one sense (or more) in order to fool one's perception of reality. For instance, an owner shows a slave a glass, then either prohibits the vision but allows to hear or not (or multiple variations) or even allows the viewing of the filling of the glass as if urinating (whether actually urinating or filling with something else). Then, maybe for added effect a real glass of urine is wafted under the nose, then the glass is switched to something else and the slave is forced to drink the switched drink. The more increased detail, the more of a "trip" it can be on the "victim." It has elements of misdirection somewhat like a magician/illusionist.