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With contributions by cumhardy. - Thanks! "Hi! My name's Harold, the humble host of Leather Oaks, which is both my home and my lifestyle. I'm not sure how many decades ago I discovered the pleasures and comfort of wearing leather, but I can say heartily that the feelings only grow!
I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, which is blessed with a climate that few believe is compatible with year round leathers, much less heavy rubber! But, my friend, all it takes is a little bit of attitude adjustment, and sometimes a great deal of sweat! In the following pages, you'll get to explore my many avenues of interests and enthusiasms. I hope you enjoy your visit!"


This website hasn't been updated in more than a year, but if you share this fetish, you'll find the material which is available rather interesting. He really loves his rubber and his leather... and you can't help but admire his enthusiasm.