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Le Trapeze

An adult club in New York City…

Rules for Le Trapeze


Come in and share in something fine.

LeTrapeze is a seductive experience in an atmosphere that is conductive to fostering goodwill and love. By bringing along a positive attitude, you will assure that your visit is an upbeat experience.

To make sure that all couples are comfortable, please remember

  • * Always be courteous and respectful to other couples.
  • * No cell phones, cameras or recording devices are permitted inside.
  • * We are a couples-only club. You must enter as a couple and leave as a couple. Lockers are only issued to couples. If you disrobe, you must also do so as a couple.
  • * Only disrobed couples are permitted in the mat room or upstairs. You may choose not to disrobe and remain in the lounge area. It is a large and comfortable space where you can meet other couples without any pressure whatsoever.
  • * We offer soda and mixers. There is no extra charge for soft drinks once you are inside of the club.
  • * Drugs are not tolerated at LeTrapeze. If you or your partner is caught using or selling drugs, you will be removed from the club and permanently barred from returning. No exceptions!
  • * We don’t serve alcohol, but you can bring your own. We do provide a wide range of mixers, cups and ice for your convenience. Please mix all of your drinks in the plastic cups provided. Do not bring glass containers beyond the juice bar since breakage can result in injury for other couples walking barefoot.
  • * Our locker room is fully staffed by knowledgeable attendants who can provide you with a secure locker. We offer full shower facilities and fresh towels which you may choose to wrap around you as you walk through the club. You may also bring your own towel(s), bathrobe or even lingerie. You can, of course, choose to abandon any covering. The only rule here is that you must open or close your locker as a couple. Both of you must be present to stow or remove locker contents.

  • * Under no circumstances will anyone under the age of 21 be admitted to the club.

Remember – there are no strangers here. Only friends you haven’t met yet.
Come join us but please be respectful of other couples.

Our Dress Code:

Casual dress jeans are fine and so are sexy outfits. Please do not wear cut-offs or ripped clothing. We try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere and our membership is diversified. Please dress comfortably but also dress well.

Our door cover is $100/couple on Wednesday & Thursday nights. On Friday & Saturday nights, the door cover is $110/couple. Single men are NOT allowed but a couple may elect to bring an extra girl for an additional $30 on any night. Single (unaccompanied) ladies are $30 at the door.