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Laundry Fetish

also known as Dirty Laundry

With contributions by MaddieFay. - Thanks!


The same safety precautions taken doing laundry should be taken during laundry fetish play.  Don't stick your body parts in anything moving, don't touch anything hot, and always read the labels on all forms of clothing and follow care guides.

Also, if your laundry play involves cleaning or playing with biologically stained articles (cum-filled panties or panties worn during one's period for instance) keep in mind that some risk of pregnancy (from semen) or transmission of disease is always present when any excretions from the human body ar e present, as they often will be in one's clothing.

A form of erotic role play in which a submissive receives a sexual charge from laundering a dominants clothing, or in which a dominant receives a sexual charge by forcing a submissive to launder the dominant's clothing.

This is often combined with a sexual or romantic relationship, such as between a husband and wife or other intimate couple.  It can also be a part of any kind of dominant/submissive relationship, including one in which the only interaction between the individuals is the submissive's willingness to launder the dominant's clothing.

In erotica and role play this fetish is often combined with a family-based blackmail fantasy.  For instance: "I caught you jacking off, little brother, now you have to do all my laundry for me or I'm telling mom and dad!"

Many panty fetishists find cleaning their dominant's clothing, especially intimate clothing (panties, bras), arousing, as do cuckolds and cuckesses, being as they will often incorporate cleaning their lover's panties, often with the submissive's tongue, into their fantasies.

Rarely, but often enough to be mentioned, Laundry Fetish is not combined with any other fetishes, and the submissive or dominant receive a sexual charge solely from the submissive nature of cleaning, and ironing, folding, and otherwise making perfect, another's clothing.