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Fans of latex fetish wear will claim there is nearly nothing as divine as the look, feel, and smell of latex hugging the body. Latex is literally like a second skin; it can be considered a way to place a person display without being completely naked. A huge turn-on also is the restrictive nature of latex wear; the body becomes encased in this tight, shiny material. Latex tends to get very hot after worn for a while and can be used as a way to punish an unruly submissive pet while serving as mild form of bondage at the same time. However, be sure to have plenty of drinking water on hand so as not to become dehydrated if encased in latex for a significant amount of time. A tantalizing tease can take place when a male wearing latex pants becomes erect and his partner takes his latex-covered cock into her hands and mouth.

Liquid latex offers the opportunity to create homemade body art or even temporary clothing. You can paint on a shirt, shorts, leggings, whatever strikes your fetish-fancy. Generally, a good five or six layers is effective and gives off a most shiny, sexy look. The exhibitionist latex-fetish sub would undoubtedly be thrilled to be the center of a “painting party”. Guests can gather around the naked pet laid out across a table. Perhaps this submissive needs a shirt? Each participant takes an area of the pet’s exposed skin and works the latex paint onto him or her with their sponge brushes. If everyone is in a really creating mood, different accents can be added on such as glitter, buttons, sparkly body jewelry, etc. And then when it’s time to remove the latex, those who enjoy edgier play might like to have the layers cut through with a knife. Tearing painted latex off of the skin can be rather painful, but sensation sluts seem to enjoy this kind of removal technique best of all. If you’ve never used liquid latex, a word of caution: be sure to apply a test patch on the arm or some small area of skin at least 12 hours beforehand to be sure you or your playmate does not have an allergic reaction.

Tips for latex body painting:

  • Unless inflicting pain is part of the plan, it’s best to shave the area of the body where the latex will be painted on. Pulling away the layers stuck to body hair may be a bit much for those not into sensation play.
  • Applying some body oil or skin lotion prior to painting on the latex is said to make peeling it off less discomforting.
  • Five or six layers is optimal for the most attractive look, but the paint will take some time to dry. A hair dryer can help speed up the process.
  • Avoid using liquid latex around the eyes. However, other body openings can be sealed up quite nicely and safely.

thoughts from Milovana users

  • Latex is like a whole body caress (or body part if not in a casuit), the shiny nature of the tight material once shined up accentuates the curves of the form it is embracing. The slick feel when touched can be an incredible turn on to not only the wearer, but the observer!
  • Latex can be the ultimate tease because it allows the viewer to see every nuianse of the physique without actually seeing the physique. For those who believe less is more when it comes to what is revealed as an enticement, latex may be the pinnacle means to this temptation.