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A focused trans-state often compared to a guided meditation.  Hypnosis appeals to those who wish to relinquish control in their relationships because during this state, the hypnotist can control the actions of the one who is under.

How to describe hypnosis?

That is not easy to answer, as most people experience it differently. Some "black out", and cannot remember anything, others say "i was not hypnotized at all", as they can clearly remember everything, yet the "effects" work for them too. It is an individual thing, as all people are different, so is the way they can experience the hypnosis. There is no way to say "this is how it has to be", that also makes it quite difficult to identify a trance, as the person who is hypnotized.

What is hypnosis?

It is a very focused state of the mind. You could compare it to meditation. Meditation and hypnosis are two different things, but it is a good way to imagine what it may be like, or to get an idea about it. If you imagine hypnosis to be like "guided meditation", you are on a quite good way to understand how it actually works. This also explains, why it works online, in emails, chats, mp3s, videos, phonecalls or whatever other way of communication. You are the one doing it, the hypnotist just gives the guidance, and this guidance can be given in any way of communication, as long as you are able to translate it into "directions" to follow.

What can you do with hypnosis?

Basically anything you are open to and can imagine. As long as you can imagine and picture it, it is also possible to do or experience it with hypnosis. Especially in the erotic context there is a lot possible, often referred to "erotic Hypnosis". To give you an idea what it is used for in the fetish hypnosis scene:
-orgasm on command
-orgasm denial
-erotic dreams
-enhanced sensitivity, temporarily or permanently
-sensory deprivation
-full scenarios, based on stories or fantasies
-lower inhibitions
-"control"/mind control

Anything i should look out for when it comes to be hypnotized?

Yes, you should find the hypnotist who fits to you. Try getting to know the person you plan to do hypnosis with, to see if you have similar interests, similar ideas. This step is quite important, as we all are individuals. Some of us may like the more pushing, dominant type, who tries to change you, if you want to or not. For others this may go way too far. Especially in the fetish hypnosis scene, there are a lot hypnotists who may seem totally extreme to the outside eye. Desires and wants are different. Some really love to be the "willess zombie", while others would be scared to death by just this imagination. So just keep an eye out, to find the right one, especially if you are female and young. Take your time, and be really careful, as there is usually a shortage on female trance partners, and the hypnotists tend to "aggressively" get in contact with them, to be the "first".

And one last warning: be careful what you wish for, cause it could come true.......