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A Humiliatrix will humiliate you.  That's what they do.  If you don't enjoy being mocked or embarrassed, do not associate yourself with a humiliatrix.

Being humiliated or humiliating others may have adverse or positive psychological effects depending on your reactions to the activities.
Some women who specialize in humiliation play may find the act of dominating others in this way to be especially empowering.

A dominatrix who specializes primarily or solely in humiliation play.  This can encompass any number of activities so long as the submissive is made to feel either humiliated, embarrassed, or demeaned by the activities. Like most domination play, the actions of a humiliatrix are done primarily for the arousal of one or several participating members.

Though the website has been used for some time by a particular dominatrix, the actual term humiliatrix does not refer to any particular dominant but rather to a category of humiliation-based dominants