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Human Toilet

also known as Toilet Slave

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There are massive implications to the health of any submissive who is interested in toilet play.
It is generally agreed that urine is the most harmless of human wastes, though it can be extremely acrid and unpleasant if the dominant does not drink sufficient water before play. Urine should never be consumed in large quantities.

Both feces and vomit can, and usually do, contain large concentrations of bacteria that are harmful to others, and vomit can contain large amounts of stomach acids.

Menstrual blood, of course, carries that same risks as any other blood, including risk of the spread of infections and sexually and blood transmitted diseases.

Contact with human waste has the potential to transmit sexual and blood transmitted disease, and the intake and digestion of waste is extremely hazardous to a person's digestive tract.

Play of this sort can be extremely harmful to an individual's psyche and self-esteem.

An individual who, either voluntarily or by force eats another individual's human waste.

This is materially different from a human garbage can, or garbage slave, as these types of fetishists desire to act as a receptacle for any type of waste a dominant provides, which a human toilet only wishes to act as a receptacle for standard human waste that would normally be handled by a toilet.

Rather than being aroused by all substances that can go into a toilet, a human toilet may fixate on only one or a group of substances.

The most common human waste substances that human toilets fixate on include urine (which can go by any of it's various slang names including piss, pee, wee, or by the phrase "golden nectar" or simply "nectar."  Further, the act of urinating on someone is often referred to as a "golden shower"), feces (which can also go by slang words crap, shit, or by the common code word "scat"), blood (from menstruation), and, occasionally, vomit (the act of vomiting on another person is generally referred to as a "roman shower" after the belief that Romans had a habit of vomiting during or after feasts).

Human toilets can also fixate on actions commonly included in the ritual of using the toilet, including toilet paper or getting the opportunity to clean a person after they have produced waste, often in the form of using one's tongue to clean the dominant's anus or genitals.

The act of being a dominant's toilet can take many forms, including simply acting as clean-up after the dominant has used a conventional toilet, having a dominant produce waste onto the submissive from a standing or squatting position, having the submissive placed into a specially made box or toilet-like device with room for a submissive so that the dominant can sit as though on a conventional toilet and produ ce waste onto the submissive, having a submissive placed in a device where the face is held extremely closely to the toilet-like seat so that the dominant can produce waste directly into the submissive's mouth, and simply butting the orifice of choice directly up to the submissive's mouth without any devices so that the dominant can produce waste directly into the submissive's mouth.

Some partners find that they receive sufficient arousal simply from the dominant producing waste onto the submissive's body, while others find that they require the submissive to swallow and re-digest the dominant's waste.

Further, the reasons for enjoyment of this form of play vary greatly, from enjoyment of the humiliation aspect of these acts, to enjoyment of the dominant/submissive nature of one human being acting as a receptacle for another's waste, to arousal simply from the waste substance coming from the dominant's body.