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High Heels

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High Heel - That magical look, that curving of the foot, the lengthening of the leg. 

Fashion Vs. Fetish

Classical high heels are defined as shoes with a heel-height of around 10 cm (3.93701 inch), while shoes with  heels of 14cm (5.51181 inch) and more are mostly referred as Fetish-Heels, Skyscrapers Balletheels etc. (depending on their look).  No other criterias, such as cut or leg-height, are used to define high heels.

Due to the height of the shoe the balance point of the wearer changes, which leads to a different posture and style of walking. Just that kind of style that is mostly known as erotic, with swinging hips while breasts and butt are pronounced by the posture.

Allthough these kind of shoes need some training to walk safely in them, long and regular use of them can cause abnormal changes in feet bones and shortening of muscles and troubles of blood circulation.