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Forums of a Prurient Nature

  • Milovana!  We're proud to be able to honestly recommend our own forums so strongly. There is no other place where such a diverse crowd is coming together in a vivid exchange to discuss anything from relationships, sex, health issues and - of course - site-related matters.
  • CollarChat, part of CollarMe. This is one of my favorite places to discuss all sorts of things. You'll find a lot of humans who define themselves (at least on this board) by the constructs of BDSM, but you'll also find some wickedly kink fun humans who are fun to talk to.
  • Literotica. The Literotica Discussion board had (as of June 27, 2008) Threads: 582,208, Posts: 27,604,884, Members: 949,996. That's nearly a million people talking to one another. The good news you'll get answers to your question. The bad news is that by the time you finish reading the thread, chances are excellent that even you will have forgotten what your question was.
This is just the beginning. I would love to know what other forums folks use. If there is a forum you use to talk about sex or kink, can you share it with me?

Something amusing

The Ten Most Popular Chat Forum Users: Associated Content This is particularly amusing if you read forums often, since you will recognize these folks!