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Fantasy Makers | San Francisco Bay Area Club  |  From their website: 

If you like kinky games as much as we do, come in and get acquainted! We call ourselves Fantasy Makers. The things you're dreaming about are things we do in real life, and nothing is as much fun as helping somebody like you turn dreams into scenes. We do only the things we like personally. Before you come to the Playhouse, browse the website a bit. Tell us what makes your fantasy hot for you, and when we match you up with someone for your session, she'll be very, very compatible.

That means if you want to play with a submissive, we'll suggest someone who truly likes being submissive. Maybe your tastes run a little to the submissive side yourself? Well, what sort of Dominant lady are you dreaming about? Is she a Mommy? A Queen? A Policewoman? A Goddess? A Babysitter? A Vampire? A Nurse? You'll find her here. Do you want to wrestle? Competitively, or just for fun? Do you want to dress up and be the girl of your dreams yourself?

Whatever your fantasy, there's someone here who would love to share it -- even if all you'd like to do is curl up with a pretty girl and watch her masturbate.

Take a look at our pictures, and if you have any questions, please feel free to call us, Monday through Saturday, 10 AM till 8 PM Pacific time.