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also known as Public Play, Sex in Public

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A paraphilia characterized by getting sexual gratification from exposing the genitals to an (often unwilling) observer.

Exhibitionism with consent or implied consent

Some individuals or couples enjoy engaging in sexual acts while being watched by a third party.

This often takes the form of a single person masturbating while one or many people watch, or two or more people having sex while one or more people watch.

Many exhibitionists find that being watched while engaging in sexual activities enhances their own arousal and can increase the feelings leading up to orgasm.

Another form of this arranged watching is a more informal gathering in which people who want to watch others engage in sexual activities will go to a place in which it is well known that people often have sex - such as a park, a wooded location, or a particular building - and will watch them doing so.

The most well known form of this is the British "Dogging" in which people will meet at park or other semi-public place so that others may watch them having sex.

In this form, Exhibitionism (liking to be watched) is viewed as the flip-side of Voyeurism (liking to watch).

Of course, any responsible exhibitionist always ensures that no one who doesn't want to view them having sex ever does, usually by performing all sexual acts in a location where entrance can be easily controlled so that only those interested in watching are able to view the acts.

Also, any responsible exhibitionist will always ensure that no one underage or otherwise unable to give proper consent ever views their sexual acts.

There are several legal ramifications to having exhibitionist sex in public spaces.  Generally, most countries have at least some laws against exposing one's genitals to those who have not consented to seeing them, and often there are similar laws against performing sexual acts in areas where others who have not given consent to seeing those sexual acts could reasonably see you.