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Edging is one of those acts that is either a non-starter, or it just mucks with you. The act of Edging is to masturbate. Bring yourself as close to orgasm as you can without actually having one. When you are on the cusp- stop. Completely. Until you are almost flaccid again (for men) or the wave has passed (for women). Then start up again. Some folks can do this as many as 40 times in a row. Others, not so much.

Milovanian thoughts

Edging is something that is kind of difficult at first, or when you are very young, it is not easy to hold back your orgasm and ejaculation.  (I am speaking of males; I imagine for females it is quite different).  It is really just a matter of timing; you have to stop at the precise moment before it is 'too late' and it is impossible to keep from cumming.  However, like everything else practice makes perfect and if you do it enough you will learn and if you do it enough years as I did, eventually you will be able to masturbate indefinitely, or learn to have orgasms without ejaculating or ejaculate without orgasm.  A warning though, if you do it long enough it becomes very addictive.