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Dating Sites- Free

There are a number of places where you can seek out a partner without paying for it

free dating sites

Plenty of Fish: The advertising gets a little gruesome after a while and you can't even look unless you create your own profile. But there are definitely some splendid, real humans out there. It's also a little hard on those who seek a specific kink of fetish, but still viable.

Collar Me: As you can imagine from the name, Collar Me (or CM) is all about the bondage and fetish. But it's a really nice group of folks for the most part. You can find Alison posting questions both for herself and for this site under the name Fungasm. It's definitely been great for research.

Craigslist: Craigs Lovely List used to be such a lovely, lovely place. But it is not always the easiest to use anymore. If you live in a smaller area, there are fewer people using it- so you don't get the results... and depending on what you are looking for, you may find yourself flagged so often you lose your posting privileges. But there is something about being able to write what ever you want to find what you like.