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If you are reading an older story, a cuckold was someone whose wife had sex with other men without his knowledge or consent. In the past decade, the term cuckold has come to define a fetish where one partner (usually a male partner) not only knows and consents to his partner having sex with other men, but actively encourages it, sometimes going so far as to arrange for the encounters himself.

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The cuckold derives pleasure from the situation by being submissive to the dominant partner.  The relationship can also include humiliation for the cuckold, for example, by being outed as a cuckold to friends and family of either or both partners.

Forced cuckolding is a relationship that the submissive (usually male) cannot leave for example, by being financially dependent on the dominant partner, by being blackmailed, or by other threats to keep the cuckold submissive and obedient.