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Cosplay is a shortened name for costume play.


In the subculture of Cosplay, the word is used to refer to specific types of costume play where the participants dress the part of characters from various media sources like cartoons, comics, graphic novels, or books. Usually these sources are of the sci-fi, fantasy, anime, or manga genres, yet the genres are as varied as the costumes. There is often an Asian, Japanese or Futuristic influence to the costumes.

 It is not entirely a fetish or even sexual, although some participants venture into those areas. It is a subculture like the furries or Trekkies. International and local conventions are often held several times a year, and other conventions often are accepting of cosplayers. Often cosplayers, while in costume, reenact scenes or make new adventures for their characters.

Cosplayers often spend significant money and time on their costumes painstakingly trying to get every detail.   

IMPORTANT:  Not all Cosplayers do so with a sexual fetish or intention!  Just as in the Furry, Anime or Trek communities; while there are many who use the costumes and props to have an incredible sexual experience, many players do not view it as a sexual activity!

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