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Cinnamon is much too strong to use without diluting. If you put it directly on flesh, you can cause a good deal of the Non-Fun pain, especially on mucus membranes.

A tropical evergreen tree, cinnamon trees provide the bark which is used as a cooking spice and cinnamon oil, which is incredible as a sensory agent.


I suggest you do what Mistress Matisse recommends in her column for THE STRANGER. (The stranger is one of my fav reads- and I highly recommend her column. New Every Thursday

"Try it this way: Buy a small bottle of lube, add a few drops of oil to it, shake it up, and rub some on your inner arm (or the arm of whomever it's for). Wait a few minutes. Keep adding a few drops at a time until you feel the tingle. Don't rush—cinnamon oil comes on hot, but spearmint and peppermint oil go on cool at first, and then heat up, so the sensation may gradually intensify. If your arm gets very red, itchy, or bumpy, you may have an allergy to the oil, so it isn't for you.

Once you've got it to tingly-but-not-burning strength, try a little bit on a secondary erogenous zone, like nipples, inner thighs, or the back of the ball sack. If that goes well, then proceed to the cock head or the clit, and let the wiggling and gasping really begin. Friction also increases the intensity of the tingle.

Always start playing with a small amount, because with anything oil-based, once it's soaked into the skin you can't just wipe it off to make the sensation stop. Pouring milk over the area will help some, but otherwise you'll just have to ride it out. So proceed carefully until you know the saturation point.

As with many foreign substances, if you put this stuff inside a woman's vagina, there's a possibility of her getting a yeast infection. So if you like this type of play, keep a box of Monistat in the medicine cabinet. And if your honey cut himself or herself shaving down there, don't rub oil in the wound, because that can cause infection too. If you allergy tested it properly, it should be safe enough to use in someone's ass, but like anything else, if something seems really wrong, check it with a doctor." - Mistress Matisse. Original Article Link: