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also known as Hot Wax

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The wrong kind of candle can cause severe burns. Also, be careful when doing anything with candles or anything that is on fire. A house fire puts a severe damper on your fun.

Wax and wick- very fun to play with...

exploring with candles

Contributed by Pagan Kinktress

Before starting this exploration, it is highly recommended you shave your chest and pubic hair. Candle wax sticking to hair can be a bit of a nuisance during the removal phase.

This is a simple, meditative assignment that combines sensation play with orgasm control. All you need is a sturdy candle, like the kind encased in a jar (think candles in churches), and some sort of floor protector you can lie upon during this activity. You will want to do this assignment lying down on your back on a flat surface.

Taking the lit candle in your non-dominant hand, write out a positive word that describes you on your right thigh with the wax. Relax. Think about how this word defines you and how you embody it. Then take the candle again in your non-dominant hand and drip it over your left thigh, this time writing a more negative word you feel represents a personal trait of yours, perhaps this is a trait you wish to change.

Next, pour a line of wax from your left nipple down to your pubic area, but avoid dripping the wax onto your genitals. Then from your pubic region, pour a line of wax back up to your right nipple and across to your left nipple. You should have something resembling a triangle painted in wax across your body now.

Remaining on your back, with the candle in your non-dominant hand, begin to masturbate with your free hand. While doing this, you are to continue to drip wax onto your body, but only within the area you just outlined in a triangle shape. You are not allowed to stop dripping wax on yourself until you have an orgasm.

When cleaning yourself up, look at the words you wrote on your thighs. As you peel and wipe away the positive word, think about how this trait is embedded within you, a part of you. Be proud of yourself. As you remove the negative word, think about how you are erasing negativity and starting anew. No matter what we do in life, it's never too late to start again. We can't change the past, but we can affect what the future will bring.

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