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also known as First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Home Run

In locker rooms everywhere, men use the American game of baseball as the metaphor for how far they have reached sexually.  Here batter, batter...

Traditional Base System

  • First Base | Kissing. Not a peck on the cheek but seriously making out.
  • Second Base | Feeling them up. Hands in the clothing, feeling ALL the lovely fun bits.
  • Third Base | Oral Sex
  • Home Run | Sex (Sexual Intercourse)

Other baseball sexual metaphors

  • Scoring in the dugout | anal intercourse.
  • Striking Out | Not getting ANY
  • Pitcher = Top & Catcher = Bottom (These two are often in the gay community.)
  • Error refers to the act of obtaining any of the bases and subsequently realizing this was a bad decision.
  • Foul Ball is having sex with a female in the doggy-style position and trying to discreetly sneak a penis up into the female's anus, pretending it's an accident.
  • Batboy | masturbation