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also known as Autoerotic Asphyxia

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If you deprive your brain and body of oxygen, the result is death.  Depending on lung capacity and how oxygenated the blood is, there can be PERMANENT harmful effects such as brain damage with only 3 minutes.  Those folks who hold their breath while they swim the pool- they worked up to that...  A safer version of breath play is to have the sub hold their breath, and but be able to breathe if they need to.

A sexual preference for activities that involve oxygen deprivation.  Common forms include Face Sitting, Hand-Over-Mouth (HOM), "Bagging," and Breast Smothering, as well as oxygen deprivation with nearly any other body part.  In extreme forms, the Asphyxiophiliac may fantasize about being smothered to unconsciousness or dieing of erotic oxygen deprivation.

Humans need oxygen or we die. It's that simple.  When you cut off the supply of oxygen, you can kill some one. 
  • Extreme care is to be taken during any form of oxygen deprivation, as brain damage, disability, and death are very real and surprisingly easy to accomplish outcomes.
  • Be sure to have a safe action that is always known and followed to help ensure that play stops when the person being deprived of oxygen needs it to stop.
  • Safe words will not work for this kind of play, being as the mouth will be covered.
  • One should ALWAYS keep a clock nearby so that play never exceeds a certain amount of time.
  • It is extremely important that both partners be well tuned into eachother so as to see when the person being deprived is reaching their limit.
  • Most importantly, know your own limits. Do not ever allow yourself to go without using the safe action until it is too late simply because you don't feel ready to stop play yet.
  • Many people advise against any asphyxiation play due to potential dangers. Be extremely cautious. People DO die from this.