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Arm Binders

Fabulous bondage equipment that holds a bottom's arms behind their back.

What Mr. S. Leathers has to say

This Bondage gear from Mr. S really holds your victims arms in place behind his back.

Once all the straps (4) are pulled tightly around his arms and wrist there is no way they'll be escaping.

  • To make this incredible piece of gear even more intense we have added a number of large D rings in strategic places for additional attachment points.
  • One at the back of the neck to keep the person in an upright position.
  • One at the Bottom , below the wrist, so you can pull the wrist downwards, either to the feet or up thru the crotch.
  • Another long leather strap comes up over the shoulders and around to the back to make sure this device can't slip downwards.

You can pull your bottom's arms very tightly together behind their back as each of the 4 arm straps has double buckles on each side for a wide range of adjustability. Much more adjustable than the Single Arm Binder.

A very Hot looking and Intense position to be put into. Your toy will both Love and Hate this when you pull it out