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Anal Beads

also known as Anal Balls


  • Usually anal beads come with a small handle, ring, or end piece. DO NOT insert the end piece, because you MUST leave something with which to remove them from the anus!
  • It is best to use a condom with anal beads. Even if you do use a condom, do not share these toys unless they have been sterilized (preferably by boiling them).  Also, it's possible that there will be Santorum on the toys. Have a towel handy so it doesn't get on your sheets.

A set of beads lined up one after another, either because they are molded that way, or because they are on a string.  They increase in size, and the smaller ones are inserted anally first, and then slowly the larger sizes are introduced.   For those who like anal play, having anal beads in place during sex can increase the sensations and feel good.  If the beads are pulled out during orgasm, the spasms created during the removal will extend climax.