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Age Play

Sexual play where one or more partners pretend (or roleplay) to be older or younger than they are.


This is one of those topics that tends to hit the red zone. In most sexual circumstances, children are simply not acceptable. CollarMe, which is a brilliant site for discussing all things kink, will often remove anything that even has the word child or children. This has led to the use of the UM, or UnMentionables, as the term people use when they discuss their own children or live children who are part of the conversation (but are never allowed to be part of the "lifestyle").

Ageplay within a sexual context is the construct where one or both players either pretend to be of dramatically different ages, or if both are adults, actually act out such fantasies. Included in this realm are "Adult Babies," Daddies, Daughters, Mommies, and more.

It is a general rule that most people who engage in Age Play do NOT have any interest in actually playing with children. They don't want to play WITH children, they want to play AS children.

Some aspects of AgePlay aren't even about the Age. Many Sissies dress in the frilly ruffles of a prebupescent girl. However, in all studies done so far, Sissies had ZERO interest in playing with girls of this age. Most Sissies are gay/transgendered and/or submissive, all of which is contra-indicated for pedophilia.