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AEGIS: AIDS Education Global Information System:


The AIDS Education Global Information System ( is a nonprofit organization that was established in response to the growing HIV/AIDS pandemic. Our mission is aimed to:

  • Facilitate access to current patient/clinician information specific to HIV/AIDS via our website and its specified services.
  • Preserve for future generations a global history of the pandemic with our historical news, scientific publications and treatment database.

Since AEGIS' inception, it has matured into the largest free-access virtual AIDS library on earth. Today, AEGIS consists of more than 1,000,000 articles, covering the world from 1981 to the present, and logging more than 10,000,000 visitors annually.

To accomplish this, our small content staff of five scours the Internet daily for new acquisitions, sorts through our wire news-feeds, downloads HIV/AIDS publications and conference abstracts, in order to create an electronic format with HTML coding. In some cases we have created the first electronic version of these historical documents. The information acquired is processed into a fully-indexed, cross-referenced, and keyword searchable database, available via the World Wide Web, RSS, NNTP, and E-mail. In addition, individual queries are answered through a variety of e-communication lines, including our Ask the Doc forum.

On top of that, most technology used at AEGIS is purchased, built, and maintained to the highest standards in-house by our staff.

For nearly 20 years AEGIS has kept pace with HIV/AIDS social and clinical aspects. We believe that the dissemination of potentially life saving information has made a difference to many people throughout the world. For those that have HIV management questions and needs, AEGIS has proved to be a trusted source. AEGIS serves to illuminate all developments on the HIV/AIDS front, the question is -- what do you want to know about HIV/AIDS today?

- From the AEGIS SITE.