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Academic Journals

These are the journals concerned with the current academic studies of human sexuality.

academic journals

  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
  • Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality
  • Culture, Health and Sexuality
  • Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality: A Publication of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, California.
  • Frontiers
  • The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide
  • Gender and Education
  • Genders
  • GLQ: Gay, Lesbian Quarterly
  • Identity
  • International Gay and Lesbian Review
  • The International Journal of Transgenderism
  • Journal of Gender Studies
  • Journal of Homosexuality
  • Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality
  • Journal of Sex Research: A publication of SSSS- The Society of the Scientific Study of Sexuality
  • Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy
  • Journal of Sexual Agression
  • Journal of the History of Sexuality
  • Self and Identity
  • Sex Education
  • Sex Roles
  • Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment
  • Sexual Interaction
  • Sexual Science: Newsletter of the SSSS- The Society of the Scientific Study of Sexuality.
  • Sexual and Relationship Therapy
  • Sexuality and Disability